By obtaining the WORLDCOB Trust Seal, you will be eligible for the WORLDCOB Silver Membership and all its benefits.


    • During the free trial period, you will receive the authorization to use the Logo, and the authorization to use the Seal and WTS certificate.
    • The duration of the free trial period is thirty (30) days from the moment you activate the account after entering your payment method.
    • Once your payment method has been selected, please read and accept the Terms and Conditions.
    • The membership fee will be charged automatically once the trial period has ended using the credit card payment option you have on file at the time of activation.
    • If you do not cancel your subscription before the trial period has ended, you will automatically obtain a Silver Membership from WORLDCOB.
    • You can access all membership benefits from the second month of the subscription.
    • The request for subscription cancellation should be sent by email to
    • If a subscription cancellation is requested, the authorization to use the logo and all other benefits will be revoked.


    • The Silver Membership fee is USD $500 yearly or divided into 12 consecutive monthly payments of USD $50 each month (USD $600).
    • The duration of the membership is 12 months, and renewal is automatic using the same credit card payment method used during activation. To complete this step, please enter a valid, current, and accepted payment form when registering.
    • If you need to update your payment method, please send this information by email.
    • If you do not cancel your membership before the next billing date, you will authorize us to charge the next billing cycle to your account using the credit card information on file.
    • The benefits of your membership will be renewed automatically each year, and you can access them on any day of the year.


    • Billing Cycle: The charges for your WORLDCOB’s Silver Membership will be billed automatically using the payment method provided during activation, either monthly or yearly.
    • Forms of Payment: To obtain the WORLDCOB Trust Seal and enjoy the benefits of WORLDCOB’s Silver Membership, you must provide a valid and current (credit or debit card) method of payment. Also, you can arrange your method of payment directly with WORLDCOB’s finance department.
    • Cancellation: You may cancel your WORLDCOB’s Silver Membership within 24 hours before the trial period has ended without additional charges.

If you cancel your WORLCOB’s Silver Membership after the trial period has ended, all benefits—including any refunds for charges made to date—will be revoked.